Adjustable Footrest for Ikea Antilop high chair (playwood)


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I present you an adjustable footrest adapted to IKEA™ Antilop highchair.

A footrest is necessary because:
♥ provides the child with the right posture – better digestion and swallowing
♥ provides the necessary relief for the spine
♥ preventing pressure on the arteries in the legs
♥ gives a sense of security
♥ makes the chair comfortable for the child
♥ the lack of a footstool is often the reason that a child does not want to sit on it

Allen key attached with a footrest.
The footrests are made of hardwood plywood covered with white melamine film, which ensures an ideally smooth surface and easy cleaning.
Dimensions: 50×12 cm
The offer includes only a footrest, we do not sell a high chair.

Have questions? Feel free to ask 🙂

ATTENTION! The footrest is not a toy. The product contains small parts that can be swallowed by a child. The mounted footrest can make it easier for the child to leave the chair. Never leave your child unattended. Follow the instructions of the chair manufacturer, fasten seat belts. The product has sharp edges, which should be protected with the supplied covers to avoid injury. The footrest should be cleaned with a dry cloth. This product is intended for children who can sit alone, up to 3 years old, or weight up to 15 kg.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 12 × 2 cm


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